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Why Sexy Costume Lingerie Attracts Men?

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Seeing a woman in sexy lingerie and getting turned on is something men have been experiencing since the beginning of time. Ask any random man if he likes lingerie, and he will not hesitate to say “yes.” Sexy costumes do not only spice it up in the bedroom, they also promote sexual health in your relationship.

So, what really attracts men to sexy costume lingerie?

What the fabric reveals and does not reveal on the woman’s body plays with the man’s imagination. It generates excitement and charm, therefore puzzling his thoughts about the mystery behind the lingerie.

The main reason women wear sexy costumes is to highlight and flatter their body’s sensual areas. No wonder men feel aroused and intrigued by lingerie in ways that regular feminine clothing does not. Once a woman wears her man’s favourite lingerie, with a great fit and colour, it mesmerises the man into erotic excitement. His only focus becomes her, especially her attention-seeking accentuated body areas.

Theories about lingerie

What do you think men would choose between seeing a woman naked and seeing her in sexy lingerie? Whatever you think, the reality is, they will choose the latter for three main reasons; mystery, excitement, and the erotic appeal of a woman’s teasing approach. Seeing a naked woman may be exciting, but that element of mystery from sexy costume lingerie is inevitable. It also promotes sexual health between partners.

The appeal of different types and colours

Sexy lingerie comes in wide-ranging, brands, models, styles, and colours and remember that men’s taste varies. A man’s personality and experience also affect his attraction to certain lingerie. The way lingerie designs accentuate and underscore particular body areas, grabs men’s attention even more. Take for example; with corsets on her, her man’s eyes would seldom resist staring at her chest. And for babydoll lingerie, his attention is on the bust. Besides, teddies come with a plunging neckline plus high-cut slits for the panty. See-through fabrics are also a sweet way to underscore various spots on her body, heightening the mystery.

When women reveal something special and intimate about themselves, their feeling naturally turns sensual and physical. In response, a feeling of more attraction builds up in men because naturally, men usually develop an increased feeling of attraction to women whose sensuality comes with confidence.

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