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How to Wear a Sexy Bodysuit as Outerwear?

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Are you shy when it comes to wearing a sexy lace bodysuit outside the bedroom? We are here to help you overcome the shyness with tips that will make wearing sexy lingerie look appropriate and not overexposed on you. You can browse through our Fancy Lingerie one-stop-shop here, to find a wide range of the ultra-erotic teddy lingerie and sexy bodysuits we will be talking about.

How do you wear a sexy bodysuit outside

Put on a light jacket

First off, sexy teddies and lace bodysuits come with a lot of different cuts and materials to suit every body type. Now, if you think of wearing a sexy bodysuit outside overexposes your body, consider putting on a leather jacket or light denim jacket over it. Wearing a scarf that shutters your breasts is another stylish alternative when going out in sexy bodysuits.

Mask your nipples with a pasty

Having your nipples exposed under a see-through bodysuit is a big NO, so wear a nipple pasty. Visit us to select from the many great designs and options we offer. Besides, wearing a see-through may be inappropriate in several places but rocking it in a club or music festival is just fine. Unlike skin coloured pasties which might make your nipples appear missing, dark coloured pasties may do the magic well.

Put on a bra underneath

It can be pretty tricky to wear a bra under your bodysuit though it depends on the design of such a bra or bodysuit. You do not want to spoil the fashion look with the two pieces clashing or exposing many straps. Wearing a plain triangular bra designed with thin straps underneath a strappy bodysuit works well.

What is the point in wearing a bodysuit out?

Do you have a date that may end up in a night of romance or you just want to go out why looking super sexy? Rocking a sexy bodysuit can work the magic. Besides, it is a plus to wear sexy bodysuits because as one-piece wear, you do not have to worry about your shirt moving or bunching.

At Fancy Lingerie, we stock a wide range of sensuous lingerie that is designed for women of all body types. With more than 9 years of experience in the lingerie business, we offer affordable pricing and eco-friendly packaging for all your orders. Call us today.

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