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3 Things to Consider When Shopping for Babydoll Lingerie

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Babydoll lingerie is one of the most popular styles available on the market, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The style first rose to popularity with the 1956 movie ‘Baby Doll’ and was further promoted by Hollywood movies of the 1960s. Today, babydoll lingerie is widely adored by women looking for a playful, innocent and yet incredibly sexy look.

With a short hemline, loose skirt and body-hugging bodice, babydolls are a flattering option for any body type. Nonetheless, if you are looking to add babydoll lingerie to your collection, there are a few things you should consider:

1. Support

Babydoll lingerie varies in terms of support; some have separated cups, some have underwiring, some have padding and others don’t. Always consider support and try to find sexy babydolls that suit your personal preferences. Not only will choosing the right support give you a more flattering fit, but it will also make wearing the lingerie more comfortable.

2. Fabric & frills

Babydoll lingerie is usually known for being sheer and lightweight but babydolls actually come in a range of materials. Silk, satin, lace and mesh are all common fabrics. What you opt for is completely up to you — the possibilities are endless!

Likewise, detailing can transform a babydoll from boring to stunning. Frills can be especially flattering as they contour your body and highlight your curves. We recommend keeping it simple to keep the focus on you, but it all comes down to personal taste. Other popular small, playful details that can completely transform your lingerie include bows, ruffles, slits and ribbons.

3. Colour

When picking out a new sexy babydoll, choosing the right colour is also an important consideration. Try to pick a shade that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have olive skin with warm undertones, red, orange and other warm colours will work best with your complexion. Perhaps more importantly, keep in mind the mood and attitude you want to create. Looking to feel sexy and empowered? Black or red will always make you feel fierce. Want to feel cute and feminine instead? Pink, lilac and other pastels may be the best options for you.

Fancy Lingerie offers a variety of sexy, comfortable, and luxurious lingerie options to suit every mood, taste and body type. If you’re looking for a new addition to your collection, why not check out our huge range of sexy babydolls today?

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