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Tips for Feeling Comfortable Wearing a Sexy Bodysuit

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Many women fantasise about wearing sexy bodysuits but find something is holding them back from feeling confident and comfortable. If you want to look sexy and feel empowered in a bodysuit, follow these tips for feeling comfortable in a tantalising bodysuit.

1. Show your assets

While choosing a sexy bodysuit, think about the areas of your body you feel most confident about, this could be any body part, such as your chest or shoulders. You should then select a bodysuit that showcases this area, as this will help you to feel confident about how your body looks in the bodysuit.

2. Create the right atmosphere

Many women feel uncomfortable trying on a bodysuit as it feels unusual and they may not have seen themselves looking so sexy and alluring before. When you try a bodysuit on, set the right sensual tone to help you feel comfortable in the bodysuit. For example, you may wish to dim the lighting, light candles and even play smooth music to help your body and mind connect over your new item of clothing.

3. Have a pamper night

To ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, before you showcase the bodysuit to your partner, spend a self-care evening with yourself rocking the bodysuit. For example, you may wish to order pizza, paint your nails and apply a facemask, all whilst wearing your amazing bodysuit. This will help you to feel comfortable and confident in your bodysuit and will also be a fun treat for yourself. Remember, wearing lingerie should be just as much as a thrill for you as it is your partner.

4. Connect with a friend

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable buying a bodysuit for the first time, ask a friend if she would like to purchase a bodysuit with you. Browsing lingerie together will be a fun bonding experience and you can both report back on the reactions of your partners and how the experience was.

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