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Gifting Lingerie She Will Love

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Gifting sexy lingerie might seem daunting, but it need not be intimidating!

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, spoiling the lady you love with an outfit that makes her feel sexy and empowered is a great idea – if you follow some simple rules.

Tease a wish list out of her

Picking something sensuous doesn’t have to be stressful – you can turn your fact-finding mission into an enjoyable pillow talk session! Ask her what makes her feel special, find out what parts of her body she loves – even get her talking about her fantasies – and you’ll be sure to hit the right note with your gift.

Raid her wardrobe

Ok, we don’t mean you should rifle through her delicates without a reason, but there’s a lot to be said for doing your homework. A peek in her wardrobe will give you a sense of what she likes, as well as her size – and what’s missing might inspire a naughty idea about what you could surprise her with!

If in doubt, buy for you

To be clear, we’re not condoning making your better half uncomfortable just so you can enjoy a show. What we’re talking about here is selecting something you feel highlights a feature you love about her.

Here, delivery is key – upon presenting your gift, tell her why it made you think of her. Saying, ‘I’d love to see your breasts in this teddy lingerie’ or ‘this sexy bodysuit was made for your gorgeous curves’ is the perfect way to present your gift.

Be considerate

This covers everything from being mindful of any body insecurities she has (and avoiding styles that might make her feel less-than fabulous) right through to choosing the right moment to present her with your gift. Leaving a sensual surprise on her pillow when she feels her best is always better than giving her something sexy because you’re in the mood.

Ask the experts

The beauty of shopping online is being able to browse in privacy – but it doesn’t mean you’re alone!

We’re dedicated to luxurious lingerie, so if you need help, email anytime.

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