How to Choose Lingerie for Your First Date Night

How to Choose Lingerie for Your First Date Night

First date nights are extraordinary, filled with excitement, anticipation and, with a bit of luck, sexual tension. However, feeling nervous on a first date night is normal, but adding some sexy lingerie into the mix can help you feel more comfortable. Choosing the best lingerie for the occasion can be tricky, so we're here with a few tips you should keep in mind.

Choose something you're comfortable wearing

No one wants the dreaded knicker shuffle on a first date, so find a set of lingerie you're comfortable wearing. Consider the length of time you'll be wearing it for and your choice in fabric. Lace can look incredibly sexy, but satin might be softer for a prolonged period of sitting. You'll also be wearing it underneath your clothes, so go for something subtle like a lingerie set or a sexy bodysuit.

Make it a statement in 'you'

Wearing lingerie on a first date night should be about you feeling confident and comfortable in your body. It's not about whether it's revealed at the end of the night, but a statement about you. In the same way, outerwear conveys character and quirks, your choice in lingerie conveys your personality. Whether you prefer a camisole or a corset, inspire your own choice!

Think about the colour

The colour of your lingerie can set the mood of the evening, so think about what atmosphere you want to create. It can also play into the personality you convey, so it's a vital factor. If you're looking to achieve a feminine look, why not try a pastel blue or a more floral lace. For those 'classic sexy' vibes, red or black are your go-to options to indicate passion and romance. There's always the bold approach too, choosing a bright colour like green or purple.

Whatever colour you prefer, pick the one you love the look of to help boost your confidence and make the experience memorable.

Ask for advice

At Fancy Lingerie, we have a team of experts on hand to help you choose the sexiest look for you. Get in touch with them today and find your perfect fit.