5 Sexy Costume Lingerie Tips for Plus Size Women

5 Sexy Costume Lingerie Tips for Plus Size Women

As we continue to celebrate the voluptuous silhouette, we have seen great creations of sexy costume lingerie for plus size ladies. This is great as body size is no longer an excuse for you not to flatter your curvaceous body. With a range of sophisticated, classic, vampy and provocative styles, be ready to accentuate the sexiest features of your body in style.

1. If you have a full bust, investing in bras with an underwire will give you a sexy push-up and boost your sexy décolletage. You will feel more gorgeous if the bra has soft moulding to give you a streamlined and sleek look, as it evens out your bust underneath a blouse or your favourite tee. Go for the ones with extra padding for additional coverage to avoid nipping. This is a must-have if you plan to wear your tight-fitting top.

2. A carefully selected bra plays a big role in shaping your look and how good you feel. Your bra needs to be well-fitting. It is unforgivable to walk around with bulging cups, falling straps and your bra riding up your back. They are the surest indication that your bra is too big.

3. And if the straps are digging into your shoulder, the bra may be too small, though, with some bras, you can adjust the strap to reduce the discomfort.

4. Stylishly pair your sexy bras with a matching panty set to achieve a dazzling look that will make you feel startling wherever you go. When you know you got it right with your undergarments, you will ooze confidence and it reflects in your bouncy strides. And it can show on your outer clothes too as they will fall in place, perfectly covering your curves and giving you a sophisticated clean look.

5. A corset will be your icing on the cake for that sexy hourglass body shape. If it is close-fitting and has intricate lace-up on the back, it will enhance your curves and give you support for your back.

Spice up your wardrobe with a collection of sexy lingerie and you can flaunt your curves and elegant cleavage unhindered. Your sultry underwear will boost the look of your fashionable outfit so that you can make heads turn as you strut in unmatched buoyancy.